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Mature Content

Body is a natural thing Stamp by Evanatt

It's tiring to see people start complaining about "objectifying human beings" (especially woman) in artistic nude photographs--because the ones actually objectifying them are the complainers.
The artist portrayed the beauty of a natural body the way it was created, yet people interpret a highly sexual and offensive meaning into it. The photograph and the model didn't view it as an objectification, why would you?
Please also think about the feelings of the model when you label something as porn or even call her a "attention seeking whore" as I've seen people being called here.
Have some respect, really.

OH SNAP A NIPPLE by sambees
And I won't even start on how male nipples are obviously okay but the ones of a woman are to be hidden and warned of.
Don't know about you, but I even sucked them as a child--and glad I did, they kept me alive.
So, what's the big deal again?


Sketch (Base)
Fortune by KristinaWaldt
Serenity by KristinaWaldt
Princess of Frozen Hearts by KristinaWaldt
Always Moving Foward by KristinaWaldt
Mal by KristinaWaldt
[COM] Deer Girl by KristinaWaldt
More information:
Commission Information (Money/Points) by KristinaWaldt

* digital watercolor sketches / drawings
* realistic features to more stylised
* original characters (OC), real people or fanart
+ Person (Sketch)
[1plus3] Cooking by KristinaWaldt
More information:
Commission Information (Money/Points) by KristinaWaldt

Sketch base is needed, buy this if you want another person on the image.
(e.g. kissing)
Painting (Base)
Erroll by KristinaWaldt
Child Of The Night by KristinaWaldt
The Tale of Lilies by KristinaWaldt
Cold Distance by KristinaWaldt
On Fire by KristinaWaldt
Not Afraid To Fall In Love by KristinaWaldt
More information:

Commission Information (Money/Points) by KristinaWaldt

* realistic to semi-realistic
* digital painting
* original characters (OC), real people or fanart
+ Person (Painting)
[COM] Donovan and Sir Washington by KristinaWaldt
More information:
Commission Information (Money/Points) by KristinaWaldt

Refined base is needed, buy this if you want another person in the image.


Aug 28, 2015
4:30 pm
Aug 27, 2015
2:42 pm
Aug 26, 2015
1:38 pm
Aug 18, 2015
10:35 pm
Aug 12, 2015
6:28 pm


Cosmo by KristinaWaldt
Concept art of Cosmo, a  character in Quintessence.

Also, I FINALLY managed to create a facebook-page (how long did that take me?), so if you'd like to get in touch with me, you can find me here:

More from Quintessence:
Quintessence - Mood by KristinaWaldt Quintessence: Mood by KristinaWaldt 

Have a nice day, my dears~
- KW
Calm by KristinaWaldt
I was sick for the last days and this helped me kill some time--while there is a lot that could be refined, I'm calling this officially done and myself officially healthy.
I might fix some details one day, though, if I ever get bored.

Amaryllis, after getting involved with Fenris.

More from Amaryllis:
Untainted by KristinaWaldt

- KW

Enjoying the style? Consider commissioning me!
Commission Information (Money/Points)
Untainted by KristinaWaldt
You were everything I was not supposed to be, and you changed my views of beauty forever.

While Amaryllis is heavily characterised by the red tips of her hair, I decided to paint her before Fenris came and messed her up.
I decided to contrast her appearance more to Fragment (Fenris' sister), and it also hints the reason of Fenris' appearance change.

More from Amaryllis:
Calm by KristinaWaldt

Old versions of Amaryllis:
The Tale of Lilies by KristinaWaldtThe Way We Kiss by KristinaWaldt

Fenris & Fragment:
Cold Distance by KristinaWaldtOn Fire by KristinaWaldtPrincess of Frozen Hearts by KristinaWaldt

Have a nice day!
- KW

Enjoying the style? Consider commissioning me!
Commission Information (Money/Points)
The Same by KristinaWaldt
The Same
EDIT (24.02.2015): I finally gotta round to fix some things that were annoying me--in case that you liked the old versions more, you can still find them at the bottom of the description.

I just love painting Fortune~

Some of you might remember this piece, the personage is the same:
Two Souls by KristinaWaldt

I'm a bit sorry about the art spam today, I just found this old, ugly sketch and decided to get it out of my "to draw" folder:
KristinaWaldt 2015 TheSame uglySketch by KristinaWaldt 
Wanted to share it since the quality of it makes me laugh. :'D (I wanted to scrap this piece so often because of this.)

Alternative versions:
KristinaWaldt 2015 TheSame 1500 v2 by KristinaWaldt 
KristinaWaldt 2015 TheSame 1500 by KristinaWaldt 

- KW

Commission info:
Commission Information (Money/Points) by KristinaWaldt
Quintessence - Mood by KristinaWaldt
Quintessence - Mood
This might be the first time that I share my 3D work here~
It's a screenshot from an upcoming project, and kind of a goodbye to Unity 4.6. I finally have the time to test Unity 5, and I'm super exited about it!

- KW

More from Quintessence:
Quintessence: Mood by KristinaWaldt


Kristina Waldt
Artist | Student | Digital Art

Just by the way...

No matter what happened today--make the best out of it, you deserve it! :>

Also, you do not need to thank me for favorites or watches--on the contary, I should thank you for sharing your art.
So thank you. <3


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your thoughts on artistic nudes are quite thought provoking. good for you for sticking up for them.
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